Absolutely delicious! We ordered this two days ago, and I’m still thinking about how good it was! The burger and chicken burger were so delicious and well seasoned! The poutine was drool worthy! I’m definitely ordering this every time I visit!

Reema Aviles

Burgers and Shakes is an amazing local restaurant! The quality and choice of ingredients is unmatched compared to large fast food chains. You won't get a better hamburger or milkshake from any other fast food restaurant in Ottawa. That's a fact. The staff are kind, helpful and have a positive attitude at both of the Burger and Shakes locations. I highly recommend you take the drive out and try a burger or even a shake. You won't regret it!

Dave Noonan

What a great team at this location! I made a bit of a mistake with my order and the manager Selina was a great help and awesome to deal with. I would highly recommend them! Thanks again

Charbel Abouassaf
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